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Can Just Anyone Run A Background Check?

The simple answer is yes. It really just depends on how intensive or comprehensive you want your research to be. A background check is defined as the process of finding information about a particular individual. The information shared usually includes details about employment, criminal, financial, and commercial backgrounds, basically a person detailed identity. Background checks are a popular tool utilized by companies before hiring a new employee, or checking on their existing employees. Many reasons exist for requesting background identity checks, one of the main reasons is gaining the abilitye to detect false identity use. With leaps in development of technologies, people become prone to using those technologies for fraud.
This process is mainly is used to verify a bank account. There are many ways to perform a background check, some of which are given below:

Use Search Engines:

Using search engines is the simplest way to run a background check on a person. All that one has to do is to go to Google and type the name of the person within double quotes along with details about his/her location such as city or country. This result gives various contributions of the person in different sites. Sometimes this result may not extremely useful but it is worthy to give it a try. Also don’t forget to try out other search engines such as Yahoo, Rediff, Sify, etc.

Use can be used to find details about people which most of the search engines cannot find. Pipl performs search on the deep web, a term which refers to “invisible web” which cannot be reached by most of the search engines including Google. Sensitive information like member profiles are stored in databases which cannot be reached by normal search engines but pipl search can be used to search those hidden data.

Use is another site which can be used to search for people in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn, Live Spaces, etc. The result displays information about the person contained in their profile in such sites. The most important advantage of using this site for finding background information is that they are adding new websites to their collection and are developing new techniques which can find more people. Another advantage of using wink search is that it shows results along with a picture if available.

Use other online companies:

Background checks can be made using different online companies which perform background checks on your behalf. There are different varieties of companies which offer this service for a nominal fee. Some sites offer their service for lifetime after a single payment. To perform a background search, register yourself with one of such company and perform a search. Some basic information such as the first name, last name, etc should be submitted and it would be convenient if some other additional details such as current location, etc are also provided. Once this basic information is submitted to the company, they perform a search for the particular person and display background results related to that person.

Using only one of the above mentioned methods may not produce the desired result. So I recommend using a combination of different methods.

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